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Bartłomiej Robiński

Male 1786 - Abt 1839  (52 years)Deceased

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Jan Robiński
Male 1874-1950
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Piotr Robiński
Male 1844-1893
Maksymilian Robiński
Male 1846-Aft 1846
Tytus Robiński
Male 1882-Aft 1899
Martha N.
Female 1885-
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Stanisław Robiński
Male 1886-Aft 1886
Bronisława Robińska
Female 1889-Aft 1950
N. Rogalski
Male Est 1890-Aft 1950
Józef Robiński
Male 1891-1891
Władysława Robińska
Female 1892-Aft 1970
Marta Robińska
Female 1898-1898
Anna Boczkowska
Female 1864-Aft 1901
Prakseda Robińska
Female 1848-Aft 1848
Magdalena Robińska
Female 1850-Aft 1850
Wincenty Lenartowicz
Male 1847-Est 1870
Józef Robiński
Male 1886-1968
Joanna Szaroleta
Female 1895-1978
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Jan Robiński
Male 1887-1920
Czesława Wróblewska
Female Est 1890-Aft 1920
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Helena Robińska
Female 1889-1891
N. Laurentowski
Male Est 1890-
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Helena Robińska
Female 1896-1916
Zofia Robińska
Female 1898-1982
Felicja Szymańska
Female Est 1910-Aft 1983
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Józef Robiński
Male 1853-1908
Franciszka Robińska
Female 1854-Aft 1854
Zofia Szmania
Female Est 1883-
N. Hoffmann
Male Est 1878-
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Józefa Szmania
Female Est 1889-
Zygmunt Kościelski
Male Est 1884-1957
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Anastazja Robińska
Female 1859-Aft 1894
Andrzej Szmania
Male 1855-1891
Helena Pieczyńska
Female 1894-Aft 1894
Jan Robiński
Male 1861-Bef 1868
Helena Jerzycka
Female Est 1886-
N. Czechowski
Male Est 1881-
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Zofia Jerzycka
Female Est 1888-
N. Sowiński
Male Est 1883-
Kajetan Jerzycki
Male 1857-1938
Jan Robiński
Male 1868-1939
Maria Cilska
Female 1869-1941
Antoni Robiński
Male 1819-1906
Witold Winiewicz
Male Est 1890-
N. Fligierska
Female Est 1836-
N. Winiewicz
Male Est 1835-Aft 1875
N. Redelbach
Male Est 1866-
N. N.
Female Est 1878-
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N. N.
Female Est 1844-
Jan Fligierski
Male Est 1842-
N. Winiewicz
Male Est 1870-
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Maria Krygier
Female Est 1877-
N. Puriatycki
Male Est 1872-
N. Krygier
Male Est 1845-
Klara Igler
Female Est 1877-
N. N.
Male Est 1872-
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N. Igler
Male Est 1847-
N. N.
Male Est 1874-
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Maria Fligierska
Female Est 1848-
N. Sobiesiński
Male Est 1849-
N. Kamiński
Male Est 1880-
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N. SkĄpski
Male Est 1882-
N. HoŁoga
Male Est 1888-
Tadeusz Janicki
Male Est 1880-
January Janicki
Male Est 1850-Aft 1880
N. N.
Female Est 1885-
Stanisława Janicki
Female Est 1852-Aft 1907
Helena Janicki
Female Est 1854-
N. Szczodrowski
Male Est 1849-
Marian Jaskulski
Female Est 1885-
Maria Janicki
Female Est 1858-
N. Jaskulski
Male Est 1853-
Marceli Janicki
Male 1818-Aft 1846
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Bartłomiej Robiński
Male 1786-Abt 1839
Franciszka Małecka
Female 1790-Aft 1808

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